Meet Ruthie

Welcome to OHVERLEE

The home of kind and self-empowering pink posi wares to inspire and pretty up your surroundings on the daily.

Created by self-confessed magpie and pink enthusiast Ruthie Cawley, OHVERLEE is run by the one-girl-band designer from her Cambridgeshire home studio where she works alongside her labrador pup Marnie and surrounded by (you’ve guessed it) plenty of pink and positive treasures!

With a highly-engaged Insta community of fellow pink enthusiasts and attracting the likes of Zoe Sugg and Liv Purvis to name but a few, Ruth’s style is ultra-feminine, brimming with personality and inspired by the women and creatives she connects with. From signature prints like the best-selling ‘Miss OHVERLEE’ to subscription boxes and seasonal collections, all of OHVERLEE’s wares is lovingly designed, made and printed in the UK.


Hello babes!

Thank you for taking the time to browse my little corner of the web! In case you’re wondering how OHVERLEE came to be, here’s the lowdown…I don’t have any ‘official’ creative credits and I have to be honest here, I didn’t enjoy art at school. Not. One. Bit!

Creativity, however, is sparked in many different forms and for me, I found joy in spending hours upon hours perfecting my handwriting style. Finally, my obsession with beautiful writing led me to the art of hand lettering and wow, I wish I’d discovered it sooner!

I adore creating beautiful things, especially designing empowering wares to raise you babes up; for me, there really is no better feeling than seeing something I’ve created proudly placed in somebody’s home or al desko - it’s such a thrill!

In my spare time, alongside collecting all things pink, I also love solo travelling. I visited Miami a few years ago and more recently I finally got to witness the bright lights of NYC for myself. Los Angeles is calling my name next, it’s been over a decade since I visited and there’s so much I want to see!

When I’m not exploring new cities, unwinding to trashy American TV is my guilty pleasure – actually, I’m not guilty of it at all - I love it! Below Deck and all of the Real Housewives franchises, anyone?

If we’ve not already connected on Insta, find me over @OHVERLEE or see what’s new in the shop here.

Big love, Ruthie xoxo